Wednesday, 12 August 2009

New book arrives by post

In my recent blog entry about the books I read during my recent cruise, I mentioned BRITAIN’S FORGOTTEN WARS – COLONIAL CAMPAIGNS OF THE 19TH CENTURY by Ian Hernon. What I did not make clear was that I already owned two of the three hardback books that had been combined to create this particular paperback book.

Having read the 'missing' book (MASSACRE AND RETRIBUTION) I decided that I wanted to have a hardback copy. A quick search on the Internet put me in touch with a bookseller who had a copy on their bookshelves, and I bought it. It now sits on my bookshelves alongside the other two volumes (THE SAVAGE EMPIRE and BLOOD IN THE SAND).

Owning the complete set of books now means that I can pass on the paperback copy to another wargamer who also likes colonial wargaming ... no requests to be that wargamer – please – as I have already chosen who the lucky person will be!

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