Thursday 20 August 2009

The ‘Nostalgia’ Project – my most recent thoughts

I am now firmly convinced that my Opelandic Army will be a quasi-Swedish force, with Finnish and German influences. My plan is to create an army that is organised into brigades along the following lines:

Armoured Brigades:
  • An Armoured Battalion
  • Two Motorised Infantry Battalions
  • A Motorised Artillery Battalion
  • A Motorised Assault Engineer Company
  • A Motorised Reconnaissance Battalion
  • A Self-propelled Anti-tank Gun Company
  • A Self-propelled or Motorised Anti-aircraft Company
  • A Brigade HQ Company
Infantry Brigades:
  • Three Infantry Battalions
  • An Artillery Battalion
  • An Assault Engineer Company
  • A Motorised or Bicycle Reconnaissance Battalion
  • An Anti-tank Gun Company
  • An Anti-aircraft Company
  • A Brigade HQ Company
I also intend that the Opelandic Army will be supported by an Air Force equipped with Fighters, Fighter-Bombers/Ground Attack Aircraft, Bombers, Reconnaissance Aircraft, and Transport Aircraft, and a Navy that has at least two (or possibly three) frontline Coastal Defence Battleships, Destroyers, and Torpedo Boats.

This may well be a bit over ambitious, but I won’t find out if it is until I start!


  1. Totally off-topic and unsollicited, but I can't refrain from another form of nostalgia: dreaming you give us a Lace Wars Opeland, along the lines of Young's 'Electorate' and Grant's 'VFS'...

    aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

  2. Phew!! That is a list and a half! I am intrigued about the ships - will you scratch build some of your 'cartoon' type vessels or use existing models? I am also interested in what rules you will be using. All the best, Ogre

  3. abdul666,

    That might be covered in the back-history when and if I get round to writing it!

    All the best,


  4. Ogrefencer,

    It is quite a list and will take me a long time to get set up.

    The ships will be scratch built - as usual - and will be in my own 'cartoon' style.

    As to rules ... well possibly a variant of RED FLAGS AND IRON CROSSES. I am not sure yet, but that will be my starting point.

    All the best,



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