Thursday, 7 October 2010

Even more on Chance Cards

Although I had decided to put the idea of adding the use of tactical 'chance cards' to my version of BATTLE CRY to one side, that stalwart pair of Gaels – Conrad Kinch and Donogh – have sent me copies of some tactical 'chance cards' that they produced to use with their version of BATTLE CRY.

The cards that they sent me were specifically designed for the Battle of Gettysburg, but they have reinvigorated my enthusiasm for including some sort of tactical 'chance card' in my version of BATTLE CRY.

So it is a big 'Thanks!' to them ... and a session with my desktop publishing program awaits me at sometime over the weekend.


  1. "A stalwart pair of gaels" indeed. Good Lord I've never been called that before.

    The trick to remember with chance cards is that they are a seasoning and not a main course. Too little is rather better than too much.

  2. Conrad Kinch,

    I thought that 'stalwart' was rather a good description of both of you, although I did think about using 'staunch' in its place.

    I take your point about the 'chance cards' adding flavour rather than driving the game, hence my use of the 'Dashed hard luck!' cards. Players could not rely on something happening, although they knew that something might happen.

    All the best,