Monday, 25 October 2010

Memoir of Battle at Sea: Firing arcs for fixed torpedo tubes

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (and even up until the Second World War!), many navies equipped their larger ships with torpedo tubes. It is unclear if they were a weapon to be used to administer the coup de grace to an already sinking ship or if they were intended to be part of the ship's main armament. Most of these torpedo tubes were fixed (i.e. they could not be trained other than a few degrees to right or left) and were often mounted below the waterline in the bow, the stern, and amidships.

I have included rules for torpedoes in my MEMOIR OF BATTLE AT SEA naval wargames rules, and have tried to describe the torpedo firing arcs for fixed torpedo tubes. However, an illustration is a much better way of showing which hexes a torpedo from a fixed torpedo tube can and cannot be fired into.

Although I think that the development of my MEMOIR OF BATTLE AT SEA naval wargames rules has now reached a stage where I am happy with the way they work, I will continue to tinker with them from time to time, and add further 'chrome' (and explanatory diagrams) as and when I see fit.


  1. Both your diagrams make it all very clear Bob!


  2. Jim Duncan,

    I am glad that someone found them helpful. As a forthcoming blog entry will make clear, this was not true for one person!

    All the best,



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