Monday, 4 October 2010

More about Chance Cards

What I did not make clear in yesterday's blog entry about 'chance cards' was how I intended to use them.

The idea was that the pack was shuffled, and at the beginning of each turn a single 'chance card' was dealt to each side. The side could then either chose to use it or discard it at the end of the turn. A side was not allowed to retain a 'chance card' at the end of a turn; any unused cards were to be added to the discard pile, and when all the 'chance cards' had been used, the discard pile was to be shuffled and re-used.

Simple ... and if I had remembered to use use them they might even have been very effective!


  1. Well, that clears up why there are no negative effect cards in the pack - you are not forced to use them.

  2. Dale,

    In the 'heat' of writing the original entry I forgot to explain how I had intended to use the 'chance cards'.

    It has taught me that next time I should not rush what I am writing.

    All the best,