Thursday, 14 October 2010

Running to stand still ... but gradually getting somewhere!

The last few days seem to have been very long ones. Besides doing our normal teaching, I and the rest of the staff have had to be at work after hours so that the school can remain open for Open Evening. These are for potential students and their families to look around the building and to ask questions about what is taught.

As a result I have not got home much before 8.30pm, having left for work at 7.30am ... and I live fairly close to where I work. Other staff live much further away than I do, and it is little wonder that everyone is now feeling very tired. We are looking forward to the half-term holiday in less than two-weeks time. It cannot come soon enough.

It seems like an age since I did any serious thinking about wargaming ... but the reality is that it is probably just two days. In that time Ogrefencer has sent me a draft copy of his version of MEMOIR OF BATTLE AT SEA naval wargames rules. Now that I have had time to have a proper look at them, they look very interesting indeed, and although he has approached the solution from a slightly different direction than I have done, I can see that our respective versions of the rules are likely to cross-fertilise each other.

He hopes to mount a play-test at some time over the weekend, and if I get a chance I hope to follow suit.

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