Friday, 10 December 2010

I finally managed to watch ... The Last Samurai

My wife went out this evening to attend a staff 'do' where she works, and this finally gave me the time and opportunity to watch THE LAST SAMURAI ... and I am very pleased that I did so.

It was described to me by someone as being DANCES WITH WOLVES set in Japan, and to a certain extent I can see why. This did not, however, detract from my enjoyment of the film, and I found the idea of a modern army fighting an essentially medieval army an interesting one. I can see why this film inspired 'Mr Farrow' of Mr Farrow2U(+Jack & Amys!!)DBA1500 Onwards Page to fight a wargame last February set during this era of Japan's history.


  1. Hi!

    That's interesting, because I watched the film the day before you did it AGAIN!

    Once in a year I am watching it, not only because of the fighting scenes, the film tells us the whole way of samurian life, of course in a short time!

    It's good to find someone to share it!

    Best regards from Sri Lanka!

  2. Modelmaker,

    Sri Lanka eh! It is nice to hear from such far away places, and to know that people outside the UK and USA enjoy reading my blog.

    You are right about the way it imparts an understanding of the life and beliefs of a samurai. Without that, the film would have been difficult to understand, and the ending - where the Emperor accepts the sword and makes the statement about 'knowing where we come from' - would have had less impact.

    All the best,



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