Friday, 10 December 2010

Time for reflection … and consolidation

I have had plenty of time to think recently (there is not a lot to do when you are sitting in various hospital waiting areas waiting to take someone to the next medical test they have to undergo), and the events of the past week have made me realise that nothing lasts forever, and that I need to be a bit less like a butterfly – flitting from one thing to another – and a bit more like a worker bee, which gets things done.

I have therefore come up with a list of priorities that I will try to stick to over the next few years. They are (in no particular order):
  • To develop my MEMOIR OF BATTLE and MEMOIR OF BATTLE AT SEA wargames rules so that they cover the late nineteenth and early twentieth century (i.e. 1850 to 1950) … and to build up several armies (and navies) that I can use with them.
  • To put together a 54mm army (or armies) to use with H G Wells’ LITTLE WARS and The Reverend Paul Wright’s FUNNY LITTLE WARS wargames rules.
  • To take part in as many wargames as I can each year, with a target of playing an minimum of wargame per month.
  • To complete the work necessary to set up a series of wargames campaigns that will involve Maldacia and Laurania (and possibly other small nations as well).
It will take time to achieve all of these objectives – and some of them may never, ever be achieved in full – but at least I will get some satisfaction from the fact that I have striven to achieve them.


  1. I have been through a similar thought over the last few years ago after various "life experiences" and decided that with nearly 40 years of gaming behind me and probably very optimistic to say 20 active years ahead, it was to cut the 15 or more projects that I had in various stages down to 3 that I would focus on and get on the table regularly.

    I now feel fairly confident with my 8, ok 9 (oops)periods/scales/projects and am very close to getting them each out on the table at least once a year. (It would be less if I only gamed solo as several of my periods are mainly being pursued as part of a group effort).

    So still a bit of a butterfly but not allowing every impulse to be investigated so more focussed as well.

  2. Bob
    What FLW army are you tempted by?
    best wishes

  3. Remember to have fun in the journey part as well as the endpoint Bob

    That's part of the fun of blogging for me, to inspire and be inspired by others

    To quote a bit of PRINCE II if I dare, when a project goes out of scope (for whatever reason) and is closed down, it still has been a project and therefore contained worth

    All the best

  4. Ross Mac,

    I suspect that despite my good intentions, I will still be a bit of a butterfly ... but the process of taking stock of one's situation is not a bad thing to do once in a while.

    Besides that, the objectives I have set myself are quite ambitious, and I suspect that they will easily fill my time for the next few years.

    All the best,


  5. Tradgardmastare,

    I am not quite sure yet ... but it will probably be Ruritanian/Balkan in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century to start with ... but I suspect that they will gradually encompass other locations.

    All the best,


  6. Geordie the Exiled FoG,

    Don't worry ... the whole point is to have more fun whilst I can ... and I hope to continue to blog about it for as long as I can!

    All the best,


  7. Hi Bob,

    Good luck with the plan although I am reminded about the old maxim of 'no plan survives the first contact with the enemy!' - in most gamers cases that will be the latest edition of a wargames magazine, a particularly inspiring new range of figures you just have got to get or a new definitive history of the whatever obscure and unknown conflict captures the imagination!

    I think the trick is to spread the 'plan' wide enough so that it covers sufficient diversity; thereby ensuring that you cannot get bored as there is always another facet to explore and enjoy.

    Thats the theory anyway....;-)

    All the best,


  8. David Crook,

    I know what you say is true but there is no harm in trying to have a 'cunning plan'!

    All the best,


    PS. On the subject of 'cunning plans', I say the following on a poster recently:

    'Baldricks of the World unite! You have nothing to lose but your turnips!'


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