Sunday, 12 December 2010

Two new books

Yesterday was a busy day. Collecting THE NUGGET from the printers, trying to visit my father-in-law in Herne Bay, and doing both the normal weekly shopping and shopping for Christmas meant that I had very little time to myself. Luckily my brother was able to visit our father in hospital, otherwise I doubt if I would even have had time to stop to eat.

In the midst of this busy schedule, I did manage to spend a few minutes in the local bookshop where I bought two of the latest Osprey Men-at-Arms books. They are CHINESE WARLORD ARMIES 1911-30 (MAA 463 by Philip Jowett and Stephen Walsh [ISBN 978 1 84908 402 4]) ...

... and WORLD WAR II SOVIET ARMED FORCES (1) 1939-41 (MAA 464 by Dr Nigel Thomas and Darko Pavlovic [ISBN 978 84908 400 0]).

Both of these books fit very nicely into my areas of interest, and I was interested to read that the book about the Soviet Armed Forces is intended to be the first of a series of three. From what I have seen of this book, I am already looking forward to the next two books in this series.


  1. Hi Bob,
    Hope your father is feeling a little better in himself.

  2. Jfidz,

    Thanks for asking. I have just got back from seeing him ... but he is not any better.

    In fact, he seems to have even less of his memory left than he had two days ago, and the hallucinations are getting worse. He rambles when he talks, and much of what he says in incoherent or disconnected.

    I understand that this is a 'one-way street', and that he will only get worse. It is just a matter of time before he is no longer lucid.



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