Thursday, 2 December 2010

A winter wonderland: Greenwich Park in the snow

One of the nice bits of my journey to work is my drive through Greenwich Park. Many years ago it was the quickest way for me to get from home to work by car (I worked very close to the centre of Greenwich at the time), and although it is a minor diversion from the shortest and most direct route I can take nowadays, it is often quicker – and certainly a lot nicer – for me to travel through the Park from Blackheath to Greenwich on my way to work.

This morning the road through the Park was closed due to ice, but it was still possible to drive into the Park. I did, and managed to take the following photograph.

During the summer this part of the Park is full of people, and during the 2012 Olympics it will be part of the cross-country section of the horse riding events ... but today it was empty. Considering how close it is to the centre of London, it was also eerily quiet, and the brief stop I made to take the photograph gave me a moment of tranquillity on what promised to be a rather busy day.

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