Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A brief respite from work ...

Well I finally finished the last piece of the paperwork I needed to complete for the dreaded NSS at about 5.30pm last night, and then managed to wend my way over the Cheshunt, Hertfordshire to meet some good friends for an evening of convivial chat and – in my case – non-alcoholic drink.

It was just the sort of morale boost I needed … and the drive home gave me time to think about the changes I might need to make to the next draft of THE PORTABLE WARGAME rules.

I am not at work today as I am going to the funeral of my father-in-law’s lady friend. Because he cannot drive, my wife and I have to go to Herne Bay, Kent to pick him up, then take him to Maidstone for the funeral, and then home again.

This is going to take up most of the day and means that I will not be able to host the annual ‘Do The Right Thing’ awards ceremony at Eltham Palace this evening as I have done for several years past. This awards ceremony is organised by the Greenwich Education-Business Partnership and sponsored by Canary Wharf Contractors, and it recognises the many and varied achievements of young people in the local area. What I like about the ceremony is that it is a much needed reminder that most young people are intrinsically good, honest, and willing to make sacrifices for others … and are very unlike the youngsters that the media so often portrays as the norm.

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