Saturday, 26 March 2011

The London Toy Soldier Show

When I was told about this show by Tim Gow earlier in the week, I had planned to go along in the hope that I could buy enough 54mm figures to form an infantry unit for my LITTLE WARS project ... and then real life intervened and my plans were put on hold. This morning my wife told me that she thought that I needed a break and that it would do me good to go to the Toy Soldier Show ... so I did!

The show was held at the Royal National Hotel in Russell Square, and was organised by King and County. Although I was only able to stay for just over an hour, Tim Gow – who was working on one of the stands – sold me enough figures to form my first LITTLE WARS infantry unit, and we were able to have a coffee in a nearby cafĂ© with my nephew Jonathan, who is currently a student of Chinese and Tibetan at SOAS (the School of Oriental and African Studies).

I enjoyed my visit to this show, and I will try to go to the next one when it takes place. I got lots of inspiration for my project ... and all I need to do now to begin work on it is to paint the figures I have bought.


  1. Lucky you!

    With regard to both the show and wife...

  2. Gratuitous Saxon Violence,

    You are right ... I am extremely lucky on both counts!

    All the best,