Monday, 7 March 2011

The portable wargame: Twentieth century version – Some very helpful feedback

I enjoyed yesterday's spur-of-the-moment play-test of the first draft of the twentieth century version of the rules I have developed for my portable wargame. That said, I realised that although they worked, they were by no means perfect. I knew that further revisions and changes were going to be needed, but I was unsure where to start.

At this point one of my regular blog readers and fellow wargame developer, Ross Mac, made the first of two thought-provoking and extremely helpful comments on my blog. His comments made me think about the reasons why I had used some of the mechanisms I had utilised, and he also made some excellent suggestions as to how they could be improved.

I hope to begin the process of revising and redrafting the rules later this week, and once I have completed that draft, I will mount another play-test of the rules. I will also make them available to any blog reader who wants to read and/or print them.

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