Saturday, 26 March 2011

I like driving in my car ...

Over the last few days I seem to have spent a large part of my time driving round the county of Kent. I have been to Herne Bay four times, Ashford twice, and Maidstone and Rochester once each.

Yesterday my wife and I went to Herne Bay to collect some personal bits and pieces that my father-in-law needs whilst he remains in hospital. We also spent several hours cleaning and tidying up his house. When my father-in-law fell over, he was carrying a full mug of hot drinking chocolate which seems to have gone everywhere when he fell, and which had dried hard on the floor and walls. He had also bled from several cuts and abrasions, and the dried blood stains also required quite a lot of work to remove them.

We finally got to Ashford to visit my father-in-law in hospital, only to find that he was having a CT scan. We had to wait for an hour before he returned to his bed space, but despite the pain and discomfort he was in, he was well enough to complain about the food!

The diagnosis is that he has a small fracture in his hip that should heal without the need for surgery. He will have to undergo physiotherapy to help him recover from his accident, and the staff are going to undertake a care assessment on Monday to determine what level of support he will need when he returns home. He also has a chest infection that they are treating with antibiotics.

My wife and I are going to visit him again this afternoon. Although he is the oldest person in his hospital ward, he is the most alert and mentally active and we think that as long as he stays like that, his recovery should be quite swift.

PS. For those of you who did not recognise it, the title for this blog entry comes from a song recorded by the band 'Madness'. It seemed appropriate as it describes the way my life seems to be at the moment!


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