Wednesday 14 December 2011

Dice symbols for Memoir of Battle at Sea (MOBAS)

Having just completed new versions of MEMOIR OF MODERN BATTLE (MOMBAT) and MEMOIR OF BATTLE (MOB) it seemed logical - in the light of developmental work that David Crook is undertaking on the naval 'sibling' of these wargames rules - to think about revising my MEMOIR OF BATTLE AT SEA (MOMBAS) wargames rules.

As these rules will also use Combat Dice, I needed to design some icons for the dice faces.

The Battleship, (to indicate a 'hit' on that type of ship) ...

... the Cruiser, (to indicate a 'hit' on that type of ship) ...

... the Torpedo Boat/Destroyer, (to indicate a 'hit' on that type of ship) ...

... the Explosion (for 'hits' on any type of ship), ...

... and the Shell Splash (to indicate a 'miss').

I hope to continue work on these rules over the next few days, but having designed these icons I feel that I am already well on the way with this project.


  1. Bob

    Great idea! My only suggestion would be to change from an Armoured Crusier profile to a Protected Crusier without turrets to avoid confusion with the Battelship.



  2. Peter Douglas,

    Thanks for suggestion, but I did try that with the original design for the Cruise Icon ... but then it looked too much like the Torpedo Boat/Destroyer ... which I why I gave the Cruiser three funnels.

    On relection, perhaps I should have given the Torpedo Boat/Destroyer four funnels to make that less like the Cruiser?

    Food for thought.

    All the best,



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