Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dice symbols for Memoir of Battle at Sea (MOBAS)

Having just completed new versions of MEMOIR OF MODERN BATTLE (MOMBAT) and MEMOIR OF BATTLE (MOB) it seemed logical - in the light of developmental work that David Crook is undertaking on the naval 'sibling' of these wargames rules - to think about revising my MEMOIR OF BATTLE AT SEA (MOMBAS) wargames rules.

As these rules will also use Combat Dice, I needed to design some icons for the dice faces.

The Battleship, (to indicate a 'hit' on that type of ship) ...

... the Cruiser, (to indicate a 'hit' on that type of ship) ...

... the Torpedo Boat/Destroyer, (to indicate a 'hit' on that type of ship) ...

... the Explosion (for 'hits' on any type of ship), ...

... and the Shell Splash (to indicate a 'miss').

I hope to continue work on these rules over the next few days, but having designed these icons I feel that I am already well on the way with this project.


  1. Bob

    Great idea! My only suggestion would be to change from an Armoured Crusier profile to a Protected Crusier without turrets to avoid confusion with the Battelship.



  2. Peter Douglas,

    Thanks for suggestion, but I did try that with the original design for the Cruise Icon ... but then it looked too much like the Torpedo Boat/Destroyer ... which I why I gave the Cruiser three funnels.

    On relection, perhaps I should have given the Torpedo Boat/Destroyer four funnels to make that less like the Cruiser?

    Food for thought.

    All the best,



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