Tuesday 13 December 2011

Yet another three and fourpence ...

This morning's post brought some more of the Corgi tanks that I have been buying via eBay. This time the delivery contained two German tanks and one Russian tank.

The Pzkpfw IV and the T34 are perfect, but the Pzkpfw VI Tiger has a slightly bent barrel and has lost its muzzle brake. This is not a disaster as I don't think that it will take much of an effort to repair this damage, especially as it would appear to have been done at the factory and not during play.

I am still expecting a further delivery of German and Russian tanks from the United States, after which I think that my current spending spree will come to an end ... for the time being.


  1. Great collection so far. How about a photo showing your force to date.

  2. Guidowg (Guido),

    Once the last of the tanks that I have ordered arrive - which should be tomorrow - I hope to do what you ask and put the whole collection on display.

    All the best,



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