Monday, 12 December 2011

In the teeth of adversity

I hate going to the dentist. Mind you, I don't know anyone who likes going, but in my case it is based on some very bad experiences when I was young. As a result, I only go when I absolutely have to ... and today is one of those occasions!

Some weeks ago I noticed a bit of pain in one of my back teeth ... but I ignored it. I put it down to being old, and bits of me starting to wear out. I assumed that in due course the matter would require my serious attention, but for the time being I could just learn to live with it.

This morning – overnight to be precise – things took a turn for the worse. The pain in the tooth had become quite intense ... and it was now obvious to me that the tooth was loose. It was time to take action ... so I did. I telephoned my dentist and they have kindly arranged to see me in about an hour's time. I suspect that when I leave I will have one fewer teeth than I had when I went in ... but with luck that will cure the problem ... and I can look forward to a pain-free Christmas.


  1. The Angry Lurker,

    I was right ... I am now the owner of one fewer teeth than I was when I woke up this morning!

    The pain (and fear) was mitigated by the fact that the dentist who performed the extraction was an exceedingly nice young Russian woman. I explained how much I hated going to the dentist ... and she took great pains to make sure that I was relaxed and understood exactly what she was going to do. The result was a relatively painless extraction.

    I am not looking forward to going back again for further treatment ... but at least I will be treated with kindness and understanding, and that helps a lot!

    All the best,



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