Sunday, 11 December 2011

Having (another) cracking time ...

I had the windscreen on my car replaced only a fortnight ago after it was hit by a stone that caused it to crack. You can therefore probably understand how annoyed I was yesterday when the new windscreen was hit by a stone, and a large chip appeared. Furthermore, the 'accident' occurred almost at exactly the same place as the last time ... the Kent-bound carriageway of the A2, just outside Gravesend.

Luckily this chip proved to be repairable, and this afternoon the technician filled the chip hole with resin, and then cured the repair using a UV lamp. I can just see where the chip occurred, but it is the size of a pinhead, and if I didn't know where it was I would not know it was there.

Hopefully the next time I drive down that bit of Britain's road system – which will probably be later this week – stones will avoid hitting my windscreen and I will not have to have a new windscreen installed or yet another repair made ... but you never know what will happen, do you?

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