Monday, 16 January 2012

Water? What water?

I thought that there was something wrong when I first got up this morning. The water only dribbled out of the tap when I tried to have a wash, and by the time I filled the kettle to boil the water to make tea, the dribble had become a series of large drips. Now the water has ceased to flow altogether ... and after talking to my next door neighbour, it appears that everyone in the area is experiencing the same problem.

Our water supply is in the hands of Thames Water, and having realised that there was a problem, I checked their website. This told me that there is a 'Technical fault at one of our pumping stations ... Customers ... may have low water pressure or may be without water. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We are working to fix the problem and will restore water supplies as quickly as possible.' This sounded encouraging ... until I read the caveat lower down the page that states 'Our average time for repairing leaks is currently 4 days. However, some repairs may take longer as there are numerous checks and tests we need to complete to reduce the impact of the repair on our customers.' This is less encouraging, especially as the area affected seems to include at least two schools, a small hospital, and the local shopping centre. If the water is off for more than a couple of hours, things are likely to get more than a little difficult around here.

I am waiting for the next update from Thames Water before I decide what to do. A trip to the local cash-and-carry might be a good idea, as I could buy enough bottled water to last us a couple of days ... but until Thames Water make some sort of announcement, such a visit might be premature.

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