Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A (not much) progress report

Unfortunately, as I had expected, real life has rather put a break on the progress I was making with my 'How to ...' blog entry. It is the end of the month ... and this meant that I had to pay a visit to my wife's bank to pay a cheque in for her. After doing some shopping I joined the queue at the bank paying-in counter at 10.30am ... and got to the cashier position at 11.15am. In that time the cashier (there was only one on duty!) dealt with six customers, none of whom had something simple or straight forward that needed to be done.

For example, one women had had her wallet stolen, in which were all her debit and credit cards as well as her Driving Licence; she had been told to go to the bank to apply for replacements for the cancelled cards ... but the bank would not process her request as she did not have any form of identity to prove she was who she said she was. The cashier had to try to deal with this without any help from any other members of staff, all of whom seemed to be sitting at their desks behind the glass partition not seeing the increasing numbers of customers waiting impatiently to be dealt with.

Coming home I got stuck in a minor traffic jam caused by a set of temporary traffic lights that had stopped working properly. They were supposed to control the traffic contra flow around some extensive roadworks, but somehow they had ended up directing both streams of traffic through at the same time, which meant that no one ended up going anywhere. The crew doing the roadworks seemed totally unaware that there was a problem ... and the final straw was the arrival on the scene of an emergency ambulance trying to get through the chaos with its 'blues and twos' on!

I finally managed to get home just in time to have some lunch, and feeling like my morning had been totally wasted. I hope that this afternoon will be a bit more productive.


  1. Sounds like a great introduction to a "Pulp Fiction" game. Was the person in the ambulance the customer with no identity or the bank teller? What evil character messed with the computer governing the direction lights? Is this the start of some alien invasion - any self respecting wargamer can take it from here.
    Dick Bryant
    Charge! - there are no lead widows

  2. Dick Bryant,

    You have a much more vivid imagination than I have! To me it was the sort of day that passes for normal ... or perhaps this proves that I live in a 'Pulp Fiction' world?

    All the best,



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