Sunday, 23 September 2012

Paper Soldiers ... of the Spanish Civil War

Until relatively recently (the last fifteen years or so) information about the Spanish Civil War was limited. Therefore when I was doing the research that culminated in my book, LA ULTIMA CRUZADA, I used whatever resources I could lay my hands on ... including a set of paper soldiers produced in Spain in 1979.

These were not any old paper soldiers; they were drawn by José María Bueno, who was (as far as I know) the greatest authority on Spanish Military uniforms. They paper soldiers (they were printed in full colour on thick card) were sold in sets of eight sheets, and as far as I known there were six sets. The whole series was entitled EL EJERCITO ESPANOL EN PARADA and showed troops as they would have appeared during the Victory Parade in 1939.

I own three of the six sets, Numbers 1, 3, and 4.

Set 1
  • Infanteria
  • Tiradores de Ifni-Sahara
  • Mehal-la Jalifiana
  • Bandera de F.E.T. y de las J.O.N.S.
  • Infanteria de Marina
  • Escolta mora de S.E. el Generalissimo
  • Policia Montada de Sevilla
  • Caballeria de las Milicias del Requete
Set 3
  • Artilleria de Montana
  • Artilleria de Montana, Escalon de Municionamiento
  • Primer Tercio del Requete Navarro
  • Grupo de Regulares de Melilla Numero 2
  • Tabor de Caballeria de la Mehal-la
  • Marina
  • Servicio de Trabajo de F.E.T. y de las J.O.N.S.
  • Bandera de Camisas Negras del la Division 'XXIII de Marzo'
Set 4
  • Guardia Civil de Infanteria
  • Guardia Civil de Caballeria
  • Infanteria
  • X Bandera de la Legion
  • Mehal-la Jalifiana Infanteria
  • Bandera de Falange Espanola
  • Compania de 'Bersaglieri' Motorizados
  • Compania de Carros Ligeros del C.T.V.
I found these paper soldiers to be invaluable when I was doing my research, and they have pride of place in my collection of books and documents relating to the Spanish Civil War.


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    My book is supposed to be still available from Partizan/Caliver Books ... but if not, I understand that can be found on sale second-hand.

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