Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Bren Munitionspanzer

Bren Munitionspanzer (or to give it its correct name, the Munitionspanzer auf Fahrgestell Bren-Carrier (e)) was another of Hauptmann Alfred Becker’s conversions.

It appears to have been built using the chassis of Bren and/or Scout Carriers. The sides have been extended upwards and backwards to form an enclosed area for transporting ammunition, and a canvas tilt has been added.

It also seems to have been fitted to tow an ammunition trailer (thought to be a tracked Renault UK trailer of the type towed by the Renault UE Chenillette). The trailer also seems to have been the basis of the one shown in a previous blog entry being towed by a Mk VI Munitionspanzer.

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