Monday, 3 September 2012

Wargames rules on my Kindle

I finally took the plunge and bought a set of wargames rules for my Kindle. I chose the recently published interwar wargames rules, A WORLD AFLAME – INTERWAR WARGAME RULES 1918-39. The rules were published by Osprey and written by Paul Eaglestone, and cover a historical period that is of considerable interest to me.

The process of downloading the rules was very simple and very quick ... and thanks to the Kindle app on my iPad and iPhone I could access the rules on those devices as well!

The downloads looked like this:




Perhaps this development will mean that some of the detritus that seems to plague many wargames tables will diminish ... or even disappear!

We can but hope.


  1. I have stopped buying hardbacks since owning a Kindle AND an IPad fro over a year now. My latest acquisitions have been Dux Bellorum, also from the Osprey's guys, at Amazon, and Dux Britanniarium of TooFatLardies, and both read great in the devices

  2. Anibal Invictus,

    I don't know if I will give up buying hardback books ... but paperbacks may well soon be a thing of the past for me as well.

    All the best,