Saturday, 26 January 2013

Latest draft of the Portable Wargame: Modern rules now available to download

In the light of the recent play-test I have made several changes to the existing draft of my PORTABLE WARGAME: MODERN rules. The latest draft includes:
  • A turn sequence that uses playing card tiles to determine the order in which Units are activated.
  • Changes that enable Artillery Units to 'hold their fire' if they are firing at targets that are (or are likely to be) in direct line-of-sight and at a range of not more than 4 grid areas. (This concept was 'borrowed' from Gerard de Gre and Charlie Sweet's Napoleonic wargames rules in which Artillery can 'hold fire' if they intend to use canister later in the turn.)
I have used the opportunity to make a few cosmetic changes to the layout of the rules and have included a range of optional rules including:
  • Air-to-air combat rules
  • Air-to-ground combat rules
  • Ground-to-air combat rules
  • Rules for Cyclist Units
  • Rules for Ski Troop Units
  • Rules for Tank Riders
  • Rules for Gas attacks
These 'one side of a piece of A4 paper' rules have now become seven pages long ... but in my defence I would like to point out that the last three cover Special Rules, Definitions, and Optional Rules.

The latest draft can be downloaded in PDF format from here.


  1. Sean,

    I hope that you enjoy using them.

    All the best,


  2. Looks good, Bob. I will try out this version for Tuesday's "Waltzing Matilda" game in the Western Desert.

  3. Steven Page,

    I will be interested to hear your feedback after play-testing them.

    Good luck with your next wargame.

    All the best,



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