Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Portable Wargame rules: the Rusland Civil War version

As regular blog readers and followers of the development of my PORTABLE WARGAME rules may have noticed, the rules I used for the recent Rusland Civil War battle were not 'as standard'. In fact they combined elements of the square grid versions of the PORTABLE WARGAME: MODERN and BIG BOARD PORTABLE WARGAME: MODERN rules with my 'new' playing card tile-driven Unit activation system.

I have had several requests for a copy of this particular version of the rules, and they can now be downloaded here.


  1. Great report! Where do you get the small magnet items that are on the back of the stands?
    Dick Bryant

  2. Dick Bryant,

    I am pleased that you enjoyed reading the battle report.

    The small magnets on the back of the stands are actually strips of magnetic tape stuck onto Rapesco Supaclips. The latter come in different colours and are useful for identifying which side a unit is on during a battle.

    All the best,


  3. Bob,

    Thanks for letting us have a look at your rules. I like the ideas.

    Another system I have used which is a variance on your card system is this. Each player gets dealt a number of cards (tiles) equal to the number of units they have. They keep these in a hand or in the case of the tiles a scrabble holder.

    One of the players calls out Aces, if either player has an ace in their hand they may activate 1 unit of their choice. If both players have an ace they are decided in suit order. Once that unit has activate the card is placed next to it to note it has activated.

    Then Kings are activated, Queens all the way down to Two's.

    The added bonus of this system is
    (1) The randomisation of who acts first is maintained
    (2) You can activate a unit of your choice (that has not been activated) so you do have some control
    (3) You can also add in special rules for certain cards e.g. A Red Queen allocated to a unit allows a free rally as well as an activation or The Ace of Spades allows a double activation to the unit

    Simple but very effective and you can tailor the special rules to the scenario or period e.g.representing supply, morale or fuel issues.

    Pete Jones

  4. Peter Jones,

    I like the excellent idea your comment proposes, and in a traditional face-to-face battle I might well use it in preference to my existing system.

    The latter is a good design for solo games - which most of mine are - but has limitations in a face-to-face game as it takes any decision-making away from the players. Your proposed system gives that back to the players.

    All the best,