Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Looking backward and forward

It is the end of one year – again – and the beginning of yet another new one, and just as I did at this time last year, I am going to take stock of what I have achieved … and what I have failed to achieve.

Last January I set myself the following objectives:
  • To fight at least one battle per fortnight during 2012.
  • To paint some toy soldiers ... probably beginning with my Spencer Smith Miniatures!
  • To continue to develop my Imagi-world of 1891 project ... probably by fighting a campaign or two set in it
  • To begin preparations to fight a bath-tub campaign set on the Eastern Front, possibly starting with Operation Barbarossa and just seeing where things go from there.
  • To do some serious writing for THE NUGGET ... and possibly to produce a book of grid-based wargames rules
  • To help to organise COW2012 so that attendees will remember it as being one of the best ever!
So how did I do?
  • Well I did not quite manage one battle per fortnight … but I was not too wide of the mark.
  • I never managed to paint any toy soldiers … but I did get around to basing some that had been sitting in a storage box for a long time. Furthermore, I actually used them on the tabletop … once!
  • I did manage to develop my Imagi-world of 1891 project a bit and did fight a short campaign set in it.
  • My preparations to fight a bath-tub campaign set on the Eastern Front are progressing slowly but surely … and I do now have a set of rules that intend to use.
  • I did manage to do some writing for THE NUGGET and I have done some preliminary work on a possible book of grid-based wargames rules
  • I helped to organise COW2012 … and I think that it certainly lived up to my expectations.
What was my particular wargaming high spot?

Well that has to be the latest versions of my PORTABLE WARGAME rules. They are almost about as finished as they are ever likely to be – assuming that I can stop trying to tweak them! – and they have a small but enthusiastic following. They seem to fulfil a need that some wargamers – including myself – have; namely a simple, fast-play set of rules that are capable of adaption to a variety of different historical periods (and personal preferences) with the minimum number of changes being required.

And what are my objectives for 2013?

Basically they are the same as those for 2012, but with one addition … and that is to try to create at least one more FUNNY LITTLE WARS army. I know that I will not manage it in time for the centenary event that is planned, but with luck Wargame Developments will be marking the anniversary with a special game at COW2013, and that would be an ideal target date for me to aim at.


  1. Hi Bob

    I think you've done remarkably well all things considered.

    My ethos is too make progress somewhere and be damned with a schedule.

    Forwards and don't spare the horses!!


  2. You have done well indeed.
    Are you attending the FLW event?
    best wishes

  3. Jim Duncan,

    Looking back over the year made me realise quite how much I had done ... and not to worry about what I had not quite achieved.

    Here's to another good year ... for both of us!

    All he best,


  4. Tradgardmastare,

    In retrospect, it was not a bad year.

    I would like to attend the FLW event ... if I can, but I don't know if I will have a suitable army to bring with me by then.

    All the best,


  5. You accomplished a lot more than I did last year Bob and it's been interesting to following your projects.

    Happy New Year!

    All the best,

  6. Steve's Wargame Stuff,

    I am glad that you enjoyed reading my blog.

    I had a better year than I realised. With a bit of luck, you will outstrip me next year.

    All the best,


  7. The trick is to feel you have achieved something. Even if it wasn't in the original script!

  8. Tim Gow,

    Getting the PORTABLE WARGAME to the current position it is in was worth not achieving the goals that I set myself last year, and has given me the springboard for at least two of the projects I want to make progress with this year.

    All the best,



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