Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Another six and eightpence!

No sooner had I written my earlier blog entry of today about my latest additions to my Funny Little Wars army when the doorbell rang ... and a courier delivered two more boxes of 54mm Britains figures!

The latest additions are twelve Welsh Guards ...

... and the eleven Seaforth Highlanders.

Some of these figures are over thirty years old, and have one or two minor painting errors or chips ... but for the moment I intend to use them 'as is'.

I have some more Highlanders that are yet to be delivered, and when they arrive I will try to arrange a 'parade' of all the Britains figures I have recently acquired.


  1. Mosstrooper,

    They are very nice figures!

    It is an interesting fact that as I get older, my wargaming seems to be gravitating towards the 'Old School'-style more and more.

    All the best,



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