Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Beware: It's a scam!

For a variety of reasons I was not able to check my emails, read Feedly, etc., this morning, and have only just managed to do so.

I was surprised to see the following in my email inbox:

The reason why I was surprised is because I am not an O2 customer ... so I did a search of the 'phone number (+447126558000) ... and got all sorts of warning messages. It appears that this is a scam, and that it is intended to get you to contact a premium rate telephone number where you will be asked all sorts of personal questions so that you can 'hear' the non-existent voicemail message.

Needless to say, IT'S A SCAM and I strongly advise any of my regular blog readers who receives a similar email message to just press the 'delete' button.


  1. Thanks for the warning. We'd all like to think we wouldn't get caught out by these things but it happens to normal intelligent people every day. The fact is these scams are sophisticated and work on the assumption that someone will be suckered into make=ing a mistake.

    As with everything on the internet, vigilance and a certain degree of paranoia are essential skills.

  2. Lee Hadley,

    Some of these scams are very convincing ... and I have become a bit paranoid about checking - and then deleting - emails that are unsolicited. If I had been an O2 customer I could easily have been duped by this email, which is why I thought that it was worth warning people.

    Interestingly I also had five 'I am phoning you on behalf of Microsoft about error message ...' phone calls and three 'Your bank account has been restricted ...' emails yesterday.

    All the best,



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