Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Warship 2013

The second package that was delivered this morning contained the latest copy of WARSHIP. This is Volume XXXV of this annual publication and it is edited by John Jordan and published by Conway (ISBN 978 1 84486 205 4).

This edition includes:
  • Editorial by John Jordan
  • Rebuilding the Australian Cruiser Squadron 1930-1939 by Peter Cannon
  • The Fourth Fleet Incident and the Fibuki Class by Hans Lengerer
  • The 'Semi-Dreadnoughts' of the Danton Class by John Jordan
  • The Battle Cruisers Lion and Tiger at Dogger Bank: The View of the Ship's Medical Officers by Matthew Seligmann
  • Modern European Offshore Patrol Vessels by Conrad Waters
  • The Unlucky Destroyer Espingole by Philippe Caresse
  • The Soviet Aircraft Carrier: the Interwar Projects by Richard Worth and Vladimir Yakubov
  • Securing 'The Ripest Plum': Britain and the South American Naval Export Market 1945-1975 by Jon Wise
  • Toulon: The Self-Destruction and Salvage of the French Fleet by Enrico Cernuschi and Vincent P O'Hara
  • Russia's Coles 'Monitors': Smerch, Rusalka and Charodeika by Stephen McLaughlin
  • Warship Notes
  • Naval Books of the Year
  • Warship Gallery
I am looking forward to reading this book at my leisure over the coming weeks, especially as there are one or two articles of particular interest to me.

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