Saturday, 15 March 2014

Conference of Wargamers: Further update

I have now had a reply to my request regarding the number of rooms available for COW2014 residential attendees, and the breakdown is as follows:
  • Twenty Single-bed Rooms (Some are twin but are quite small so are used as singles unless there is a pressing need for more beds.)
  • Ten Twin-bed Rooms
  • Three Double-bed Rooms
  • Two Family/Triple-bedded Rooms
If all rooms are single-occupancy, that makes a total of thirty five residential attendees. Because we have two couples attending that allows thirty seven residential attendees, and I have two individuals who will share if necessary ... thus giving me a maximum of thirty eight residential attendees UNLESS OTHER PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO SHARE! (To date the indications are that none are so willing.)

I have three non-residential books, giving me a total of forty one attendees, so at present I can no longer process any further residential bookings for COW2014.

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