Monday, 17 March 2014

New Conservatory Roof: Day 1

The workmen arrived on site at 8.45am ... and by midday the old roof had been removed and work had started on the structure that will support the new glass roof. The structure has a metal box gully at either end which acts as both a gutter and roof support. A metal girder has been installed above the existing windows, and a further girder structure has been fitted to the back wall of the house. These have been joined together by two substantial girders and a number of smaller girders which will act as glazing bars for the new glass roof.

The only major problems so far have involved the existing soil pipe that runs down the back of the house and the outfall pipe from the first floor bathroom. In the case of the former, the girder structure that has been fixed to the back wall of the house has had to be fitted around it. In the case of the latter, the plastic outfall pipe had cracked and was leaking, and a replacement had to be bought and fitted.

The workmen finished work for the day at, and when they left the conservatory looked like this:

Please note that there is nothing wrong with my camera. The blue plastic tarpaulin the workmen had laid over the empty roof space made everything inside the conservatory look very, very blue!


  1. Legatus Hedlius,

    We are pleased with the progress made so far ... and it already looks better than the old roof.

    All the best,



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