Sunday, 23 March 2014

Getting to grips with the problem

I have just finished taking up the carpet, underlay, and gripper strips in the conservatory. The latter proved to be very difficult to remove, and I now have bruised and scraped knuckles and numerous small puncture wounds all over my hands.

I am now behind my planned schedule, and will not be able to get all the rubbish I have 'generated' to the local re-cycling centre before it shuts ... and until I have I cannot continue with the preparations I need to complete before I can decorate the conservatory.

Luckily I allowed for this sort of eventuality, and I intend to dispose of the rubbish early tomorrow morning so that I can continue with the necessary preparations during the course of the latter part of Monday morning and during the early afternoon. I may even manage to start painting before it gets too dark to see what I am doing. (There are lights in the conservatory, but experience tells me that painting under artificial light often leads to mistakes being made.)

The deadline for completing the decorating is Thursday, which is when the floor is going to be skimmed with latex prior to the new flooring being fitted on Friday.

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