Thursday, 20 March 2014

New Conservatory Roof: Day 4

As all the major structural work had been completed yesterday, today the workmen concentrated their efforts on all the numerous but small tasks involved in finishing off the job. This included:
  • Completing the boxing-in of the pipework
  • Installing a new down pipe from the gutters
  • Clearing away any plaster that had been damaged during the installation
  • Making good the plasterwork
  • Removing for disposal all the old windows and polycarbonate roof sections
  • Removing for disposal all the rubbish that had accumulated during the installation process
They had completed this by 5.30pm, and after checking that the work was completed to a satisfactory standard and in accordance with the contract, it was 'signed off' ... a day earlier than expected.

At the end of Day 4, the conservatory looked like this:

The only thing that they had not been able to do was to install one new double gazing unit above the French doors. This had not been ordered and delivered, and someone will have to return to complete that part of the installation in due course.

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