Friday, 4 April 2014

Finished ... at last!

The prediction that my wife and I would still be assembling the new conservatory cupboards on Saturday was wrong ... we have just finished the task today!

For some reason the problems that dogged our earlier efforts suddenly disappeared, and by lunchtime all but two of the carcasses were assembled and installed. Once we had eaten it took us very little time to complete and fit the remaining cupboards, and all that remained to be done was to fit the doors and handles.

In the past I have had trouble fitting IKEA doors on to their carcasses, but they have now changed the design of their hinges, and the door fittings just click into place. This speeded up the whole process of fitting the doors, and it took us less than an hour to install seven doors ... and that included fitting the handles to the doors.

The one thing that we have not yet added to the cupboards are the shelves, but as these are adjustable we want to work out where we want them before fitting them. I also have a car load of cardboard packaging to get rid of ... and this means that I will be making a trip to the local re-cycling centre tomorrow morning.


  1. Unless you enjoy that kind of thing - there are, my spies tell me, some who do - the process of a major household refurb is hellish. But, to contemplate the finished job, that affords a satisfaction that make the whole gig worthwhile. You can congratulate yourself on a job (well) done.

  2. Archduke Piccolo (Ion),

    I have never liked doing DIY ... but the cost of getting someone else to do the work would have been exorbitant. Whilst I was doing the work, I seriously wondered if I would ever get it finished ... but now that it is I do feel a degree of satisfaction.

    We still have to move the stuff that was in the conservatory back into it ... but my wife has already begun sorting out what we are going to keep and what we are going to get rid of, and it looks likely that there will be a serious amount of de-cluttering.

    I hope to get back to doing some wargaming very soon. I have missed my regular 'fix' and I have a growing pile of Napoleonic figures to base as well as some L-shaped built-up areas to finish.

    All the best,


  3. Johntheone,

    A job well done might be taking matters too far! Done ... Yes; Well done ... I'd have to ask my wife for her opinion before saying yes! :^)

    All the best,