Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The black dog is still barking!

I would like to thank everyone for the support they have given me over recent days. It has really helped lift my spirits.

I don't seem to be moving out of this episode of depression as quickly as I had hoped, but I am coping  better now than I was a couple of days ago. I hope to be back to normal very soon ... and when I am I will begin blogging and wargaming again.

The black dog is still barking ... but not as long or as loudly as it was.


  1. One suggestion that I have is that (weather permitting) you get out into a natural setting if you can.

    By the sea or a river, in a meadow or forest . . . and just relax. Just "be" there and breathe. Don't look for anything special; just relax and enjoy the sun, the breeze, the smells, the colors of vegetation or water.

    A natural setting can be very soothing. Lean back and enjoy the clouds. Relax.

    I've always found this to be a very good way to allow the black dog to wander away from me . . . and I hope that it might be the same for you.

    -- Jeff

  2. Bob

    Hey hey, my good man.. you hang in there, good times come, good times go, bad times come, bad times go, this too will pass.

    I find it helps to get in touch with my feminine side - I reach out, I grab her butt. I say "How 'bout it, babe?", I pick myself off up from the floor and vow never to read woman's magazines again. But it, too, passes. Don't know how that helps, actually, but it's worth a try...


  3. Keep hanging on there Bob.

    You'll pull through in due course.


  4. Keep going ,you'll get there...
    I was pleased you were up to leaving a comment on my blog and took it as a good sign.


  5. Bob

    Think on the positives. You're a great asset to the hobby and undoubtedly in many other walks of your life.

    Get well soon.


  6. Hang in there Bob, things look bad in a trough but you'll soon be back on a peak.



  7. Any improvement is good. Here's to more of the same!

  8. I don't know much about this sort of thing, but whenever I'm feeling like two ton of old fishheads, I find it does help a little to do something a little bit different, such as Bluebear Jeff's suggestion. I guess it's just a way of hunkering down and waiting it out.

    No doubt we'll see you back in form soonish...


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