Friday, 13 June 2014

Feedly is back ... but now the gas has gone off ... and come back on again!

I finally got my Feedly service back late last night ... and this morning our gas supply was cut off.

The story of the replacement of the main gas supply pipe to the houses in our street has been going on for some time, but this morning – just after 8.30 am – the workmen arrived to disconnect our house from the old supply pipe prior to connecting us to the new supply pipe. They told us that once that had been done a fitter would arrive to purge the system and ensure that our gas supply was safely reinstated.

At 11.30am we were told that the fitter would be arriving at 3.00pm, although he might be slightly later. At 4.30pm there was no sign of the fitter ... and thinking that there was little likelihood that they would arrive before they finished work for the day – and the week! – I contacted the gas supply company and explained the problem to them.

As we were in the situation of having no means to cook or to heat hot water until the gas supply was reinstated – and that this might remain the situation until Monday morning – the supply company agreed to send an emergency engineer to deal with the problem.

The fitter who was originally supposed to arrive at 3.00pm finally arrived at 5.30pm. It appeared that he had been given the wrong street name and incorrect postcode, and had driven to the wrong side of London ... from his base in Gosport, Hampshire … which is over 100 miles away! He took just five minutes to reconnect the gas supply and to check that everything was safe ... and then he set off for the return journey to Gosport.

Once he had gone I contacted the gas supply company and cancelled the call out of the emergency engineer. It was at this point that my wife reminded me that it was Friday the 13th today!

As an aside, the temporary three-way traffic lights that the contractors installed whilst they replaced the gas supply pipe caused an accident today.

A bus that was travelling downhill was confronted by a large dumper truck that had – quite legitimately – passed through the traffic lights in the opposite direction. Trying to avoid the dumper truck, the bus mounted the pavement and hit a bus stop, demolishing part of the bus shelter as it did so and damaging the bus so badly that it had to be taken out of service. This caused a traffic jam that took quite some time to sort out ... and which totally disrupted the local bus service for some hours afterwards.

As my wife pointed out ... it is Friday the 13th today!

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