Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Thanks ... and a reminder

Thanks to everyone who responded to yesterday's blog entry about the campaign to try to save the Royal Artillery Museum FIREPOWER in Woolwich. I understand that over 200 people signed the e-petition yesterday, and I suspect that quite a few of them did so as a result of my blog entry, my Facebook entry, and my message on The Miniatures Page (TMP).

The Milton Hundred Wargames Club will be running the BROADSIDE wargames show in Sittingbourne next Sunday. I hope to go ... and if you live in Kent or South East London and have not yet been to this show, I thoroughly recommend that you go along.

The venue is the Swallows Leisure Centre, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 4NT. Entry cost is £3.00 ... and women and children can get in for free!

Click on the image to make it larger
The traders who will be attending are:
T1 - Adler Miniatures
T2 - Armourfast
T3 - Brigade Models
T4 - Redoubt enterprises
T5 - David Lanchester Books
T6 - Fenris Games
T7 - Ainsty Castings
T8 - Cymbeline Games
T9 - Tablescape
T10 - Harfields Military Figures
T11 - ToleHaven
T12 - Realistic Modelling
T13 - Early War Miniatures
T14 - Shellhole Scenics
T15 - Col.
T16 - Lesley's Bits Box
T17 - WargamesNkits
T18 - 7th Heaven Games
T19 - Monarch Millitary Books
T20 - SHQ Miniatures
T21 - Polly Oliver Castings
T22 - Red Knight Wargames
T23 - Wargames Emporium
T24 - Always Darkk
T25 - Warmill
T26 - Andy's Models
T27 - Royal British Legion
T28 - Wargames Foundry
T29 - Warlord Games
T30 - WW1 display by Historical Research Group of Sittingbourne
T31 - Pilum Painting
T32 - Gladius Game Arts
T33 - Essex Miniatures
T34 - Sphere Products
T35 - Wargame Solutions
T36 - PE2 Collectables
T37 - East Street Games
T38 - Engine Shed Toys
The clubs that will be attending are:
G1 - Gravesend Wargamers Club
G2 - Maidstone Wargames Society
G3 - Posties Rejects
G4 - Herne Bay Wargamers
G5 - Deal Wargames Club
G6 - Skirmish Wargames Group
G7 - Shepway Wargames Club
G8 - The Gamers Hub
G9 - Southend Wargames Club
G10 - Hornchurch Heroes Gaming Club
G11 - Friday Night Fire Fight Club
G12 - Gravesend Gamers Guild
G13 - South East Essex Military Society
G14 - Medway Wargames Society
G15 - East Grinstead Gamers
G16 - Rainham Wargames Club
CTK (Crush The Kaiser) Wargaming will also be providing a demonstration game using their WW1 rule set but are not part of the club competition.


  1. Going to Firepower for a visit this month, hope to see you Sunday?

  2. Francis Lee,

    Good for you ... and I hope to see on Sunday as well!

    All the best,


  3. Indeed, I signed the petition because of you.

    I hope we make a difference.

  4. I would have signed but Im a Canadian living in Japan however I worked for Parks Canada at the Halifax Citadel as a gunner in the Royal Artillery of 1869.

  5. Wg Cdr Luddite,

    Many thanks for signing the e-petition.

    I hope that it will make a difference ... and every additional signature strengthens our argument in favour of keeping the museum open.

    All the best,


  6. Irishhighlander,

    Thanks for you support. Even if you cannot sign the petition, the fact that you wanted to helps us to feel that the struggle is worthwhile.

    I have visited the Citadel in Halifax, and was most impressed by the enthusiasm of the young people who took on the various roles of the garrison.

    All the best,