Monday, 23 June 2014

Painting Jacklex figures: Day 5

At this point the figures were painted … but lacked any shading or detail. In order to achieve this quickly and easily I painted the whole figure with Windsor & Newton Nut Brown Indian Ink.

The ink was allowed to run into the undercuts etc. on the figures, and any surplus ink was removed using a brush that was regularly wiped clean.

I then let the ink dry overnight. (N.B. This is very important as the ink has to be absolutely dry before the next stage of the painting process can take place.)


  1. The new figures are looking good but I must say, you are a very patient man!

  2. Ross Mac,

    One problem with this method of painting is that I cannot rush it. I have tried speeding it up ... but without much success.

    All the best,



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