Sunday 15 June 2014

Forces TV

Earlier this week (on the 10th June) a new channel became available from our cable TV provider ... Forces TV.

Forces TV is an independent news organisation focused on all aspects of the British Armed Forces. It is currently available on a variety of different platforms including:
  • Sky Channel 299
  • Virgin 244
  • Freesat 652
Forces TV is owned and operated by the Services Sound and Vision Corporation, a charity that was set up in the 1980s to 'entertain and inform Britain's Armed Forces around the world'.

SSVC also runs the radio and television services of the British Forces Broadcasting Services,the chain of SSVC Cinemas, the British Defence Film Library, and Combined Services Entertainment. The latter provides live entertainment for members of the Armed Forces stationed across the world, and is the successor to ENSA (Entertainments National Service Association ... or as it was sometimes called by those who were ‘entertained’, 'Every Night Something Awful').


  1. I listen to BFBS on my smartphone, as I could get the app. Lucky how technology has advanced since I first went to South Korea in 1996 then Japan in 99. I can follow my home city station back in Nova Scotia with their app.

  2. Irishhighlander,

    Modern technology has made world-wide communication so much easier over the past few years.

    We can only wonder at the changes that are yet to come ... and how much we will come to depend upon them!

    All the best,


  3. but the down side is seeing people communicate via social media not one to one too bad we all can't meet in person

  4. Irishhighlander,

    I absolutely agree.

    One of the side effects of the introduction of smart phones/tablet computers has been the growth of individual isolation, even in very a crowded social environment.

    My wife and I travelled on the London Underground recently, and we were unusual in that we talked to each other. Almost all the other passenger in the very crowded tube train were 'interfacing' with their smart phones or tablets. The only noise that could be heard - other than the noise of the train moving - was that tinny sound of loud music being played through earphones.

    All the best,



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