Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Going Loco: Part 13: Painted wagons

I have now finished painting my three high-sided wagons ...

... and five flat-bed wagons.

They were painted with Humbrol matt enamel paints (Desert Yellow No.93 and Black No.33).


  1. Hi Bob
    very nice wagons! I'm a MR / LMS man myself!
    I hijacked Tim Gow''s blog the other night and - I hope you don't mind - but I wanted to ask a question of you also. I've recently bought Neil Thomas's "One Hour Wargames" book - designed for six units a slide, on a 3' X 3' table, and the book offers multi scenarios ( many based on the old C. Grant book of that ilk) - my question: have you come acrosss the book?. If so, what do you make of it. The games are apparently designed to be played in an hour!. I've just painted up a 3 x 3 MDF board and so I shall have a bash - I feel the same thrill as I felt when my dad bought me Donald Featherstones Advanced Wargames for my 14th birthday ( I think it was) - my first ever wargames book. Just hope I shan't be disappointed. Good uck with your loco - motivation! Best regards Ken

  2. Ken H,

    I was brought up in the LNER area (I used to travel to school on part of the old LT&SR) and live in the old SR region now. I have always loved steam railways and I am always looking for opportunities to use them on the tabletop.

    I own a copy of the book, and although the rules are not quite my 'style', they work and the scenarios are more that a little useful. In fact, I hope to use some of them in the near future.

    Good luck with your forthcoming battles. I am sure that you will get lots of enjoyment from them.

    All the best,


  3. Ken

    As Bob says the scenarios in the OHW book look very useful.

    I'll be giving them a go later this year.


  4. Ken H,

    Well that's two votes in favour of the scenarios!

    All the best,