Saturday 24 January 2015

Soldiers of the Queen (SOTQ): Issue 158

Yesterday's post included the latest copy of SOTQ (Soldiers of the Queen, the quarterly journal of the Victorian Military Society).

The articles included in this issue are:
  • An unusual war memorial by Dan Allen
  • Stellenbosch or Courts Martial: The problem of disciplining senior officers during the Anglo-Boer War by Andrew Winrow
  • 'Exemplary service': The 44th Regiment in the Crimea by Major Frank Clark
  • C.J.W. Grant VC and Manipur by Chris Kempton
  • Book Reviews by Dr Roger T. Stearn
  • Bandmaster William Clark, 1st Bn. The East Surrey Regiment: Errata
  • About the VMS
There are a very eclectic collection of articles in this issue. I will be particularly interested to read about the role of the 44th Regiment in the Crimea as I was brought up in South East Essex, the Regiment's old recruiting ground.

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