Thursday, 3 December 2015

A visit to King's College, London

For the past three years I have been invited to go to King's College, London to attend one of the afternoon sessions run as part of the optional Conflict Simulation module of the Department of War Studies' MA programme.

I went up to King's College today to take part in this term's session, and after listening to a very interesting talk by Professor Stephen Downes-Martin (of the US Naval War College), I joined in the general discussion about wargame design with the students and other guests.

The range of conflicts the students are working on include:
  • Naseby
  • Russia 1812
  • Waterloo
  • Crimean War
  • Mexico 1862-7
  • Paraguay vs. the Triple Alliance
  • Ethiopia 1935-6
  • France 1940
  • Battle of the Atlantic
  • Midway
  • Stalingrad Winter Storm
  • Normandy 1944
  • Bulge 1944
  • Dhofar war
  • Mogadishu 1993
  • Lebanon 2006
As usual this was a very interesting afternoon, and the range of approaches being used by the students was varied and at times quite thought-provoking.

I always enjoy taking part in these sessions, and I hope that my contribution was helpful to some of these burgeoning designers.


  1. Is there (or will there be ) any material published on the proceedings? It sounds like a very interesting sort of session.

  2. Archduke Piccolo,

    I understand that the PowerPoint slides and notes from Professor Downes-Martin's talk will be made available as a PDF via the War Studies Department's webpage in the near future.

    Examples of wargames designed by past students are also available via the webpage, and they are well worth looking at.

    All the best,



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