Thursday 31 December 2015

COW2016 bookings: Further information

The following is information for members of Wargame Developments who read my blog but who are not members of the Wargame Developments Discussion Group (WDDG) on Yahoo Groups or readers of The Miniatures Page (TMP).

As things stand at the moment, I have no room left to take any further bookings EXCEPT on a shared room basis.

To make matters clear, Knuston Hall has the following rooms that can be used:
  • 15 x Single rooms
  • 13 x Twin rooms
  • 5 x Double rooms
  • 2 x Triple/Family rooms
If all the beds are used, this gives a maximum capacity of 57 attendees BUT as most attendees want single rooms, the maximum single room capacity is 35.

I already have 40 residential bookings for COW2016, which means that I have 3 x Twin rooms being used as such by attendees who have agreed to share and 2 x Double rooms being used by couples. I also have one non-residential booking.

Please DO NOT TRY TO BOOK A RESIDENTIAL PLACE AT COW2016 WITHOUT CONTACTING ME FIRST. The two people who volunteered to share have now got someone to share a room with, and unless I get further volunteers I cannot fit anyone else in.

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