Sunday, 8 May 2016

Airfix Battles: The Force Card Reinforcement Pack arrives!

Somewhat ahead of schedule (I wasn't expecting them until 1st June), my per-order bonus Force Card Reinforcement Pack arrived in the post yesterday. It comprises 24 new Force Cards including:
  • Axis:
    • 2 x Panther Tank
    • 1 x Tiger Tank + Michael Wittmann
    • 1 x StuG IIIG Assault Gun
    • 1 x Tiger II (King Tiger) Tank
    • 1 x Sdfkz 222 Armoured Car
  • Allies (American):
    • 1 x Sherman Calliope Tank
    • 1 x M8 greyhound Armoured Car
    • 1 x M10 Tank Hunter
    • 1 x Bazooka Team
    • 1 x Engineers
  • Allies (British):
    • 1 x Sherman Firefly Tank + Captain
    • 1 x Cromwell IV Tank
    • 1 x Churchill VII Tank
    • 1 x Churchill Crocodile Tank
    • 1 x Bren Carrier
    • 1 x Captain
    • 1 x Lieutenant
    • 1 x Commando Sergeant
    • 1 x Veterans
    • 1 x Commandos
    • 2 x Tommies
    • 1 x 6pdr AT Gun
These additions to the range of Force Cards certainly offer some interesting opportunities for future scenarios/missions.


  1. Mine came too. Not sure if I will buy Airfix may use 15mm as I have a bit of axis and allies tanks and can find more 15mm resin tanks

    1. Johntheone,

      Funnily enough I was thinking along similar lines. I also have quite a collection of 15mm-scale Axis and Allies Miniatures, and they would work quite well with these rules.

      All the best,


    2. One thing bothers me with this and as it is linked to Airfix you will only get unit cards for items that Airfix make

    3. Johntheone,

      That is something that I had not thought about. I suspect that initially all the Force Cards will reflect items manufactured by Airfix, but I should imagine that in time Modiphius will either produce non-Airfix-related Force Cards or blanks that one can use to make one's own.

      In fact the latter should not be too difficult to do for oneself even now, using the existing Force Cards as a starting point. As most of my stuff is German and Russian, it is something that I could try doing as I don't expect any Russian Force Cards to appear in the near future.

      All the best,


    4. As you say it shouldnt be too hard to make your own.

    5. Johntheone,

      I am already thinking about doing so ... and if I do, I will write a blog entry about it.

      All the best,



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