Thursday, 5 May 2016

Ships of the Italian Navy seen in La Spezia

La Spezia is one the Italian Navy's main naval bases. The First Naval Group Command (Comando del Primo Gruppo Navale (COMGRUPNAV 1)) is based there, as is the Comando delle Forze di Contromisure Mine (MARICODRAG), Italy's Mine Countermeasures Command.

(Comando del Primo Gruppo Navale currently comprises the following ships:
  • Caio Duilio (Orizzonte-class Air-defence Destroyer)
  • Carlo Bergamini (Bergamini-class General-purpose Frigate)
  • Virginio Fasan (Bergamini-class Anti-submarine Frigate)
  • Carlo Margottini (Bergamini-class Anti-submarine Frigate)
  • Maestrale (Maestrale-class Anti-submarine Frigate)
  • Grecale (Maestrale-class Anti-submarine Frigate)
  • Libeccio (Maestrale-class Anti-submarine Frigate)
  • Scirocco (Maestrale-class Anti-submarine Frigate)
  • Bersagliere (Lupo-class Light Patrol Frigate)
  • Vesuvio (Stromboli-class Replenishment Tanker)
  • Elettra (Intelligence Gathering Ship)
Comando delle Forze di Contromisure Mine comprises two squadrons:
  • COMSQUADRAG 53, which includes the Gaeta-class Minehunters Numana, Rimini, Termoli, and Viareggio, and the Lerici-class Minehunters Vieste and Sapri
  • COMSQUADRAG 54, which includes the Gaeta-class Minehunters Alghero, Chioggia, Crotone, and Gaeta, and the Lerici-class Minehunters Lerici and Milazzo)
Most of these ships were not present (or not visible) when we visited La Spezia, but the following ships were:

An Audace-class Guided Missile Destroyer, which was withdrawn from service in 2006.

Bergamini-class Frigates: Carlo Margottini (F592) (on the left) and Carlo Bergamini (F590) (on the right).

A Maestrale-class Anti-submarine Frigate.

A Soldati-class Frigate: Artigliere (F582), which has now been withdrawn from service.

Magnaghi (A 5303) Hydrographic Survey Vessel.

A Stromboli-class Replenishment Tanker: Vesuvio (A5329).

Although not part of the Italian Navy, the Guardia di Finanza (Finance Guard) is a Military Police force that is responsible for dealing with financial crime, smuggling, and countering the drugs trade. They maintain a fleet of armed patrol boats that are stationed at various bases around Italy's coastline.

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