Monday, 16 May 2016

Another busy Masonic week ahead

This afternoon I am off to Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, Central London, to attend a meeting of my London Lodge, the Blackfriars Lodge No.3722. Hopefully we have a new member joining today, and I am doing part of the Initiation ritual. (For the information of my regular blog readers who are Freemasons, I am doing the ritual from the end of the Obligation to the end of the Charge after Initiation.)

On Tuesday I am attending a Lodge of Instruction (in other words, a rehearsal) at my Mother Lodge in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. We are preparing for the following day, when I will be Installing my successor as Worshipful Master of my Mother Lodge.

Other than my Lodge of Instruction's Annual General Meeting (and a meal in a nearby Turkish restaurant that always follows it) and a meeting of the Research Lodge in Hertfordshire of which I am an Officer (Junior Warden), my Masonic year will be over by Thursday.

The new Masonic year starts in September ... and with luck it will be a quiet one!


  1. I tried to send this post yesterday but then made a Horlicks of it attempting to sign in and lost it!

    I went to an initiation at another lodge last week and they did a small preamble bit of ritual given just before the charge which I had not seen before. So I promptly borrowed the words as we have 2 initiations coming up at our next 2 meetings in the autumn. Our new master is v keen but even he admits he's not the greatest ritualist so we will break the ceremony down into at least 3 bits to help him out. We have our LOI tonight to try and plot and plan it.


    1. Guy,

      I wondered why your message appeared ... and then disappeared!

      We had a short preamble at yesterday's Initiation. I have heard it once before, and rather enjoyed it as it explained some of the reasons why certain things were done during the ceremony.

      In my Mother Lodge we tend to split the work up amongst the members of the Lodge if it is at all possible. For example, we try to get an EA to present the Working Tools to an Initiate, an FC to someone being Passed, and a MM to a brother who is being Raised. It not only reduces the load on the WM but also involves newer Brethren in what is going on.

      All the best,



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