Friday, 20 May 2016

Warship 2016

The latest copy of WARSHIP was delivered yesterday afternoon. This is Volume XXXVIII of this annual publication, and it is edited by John Jordan and published by Conway (ISBN 978 1 894486 326 6).

This year's edition of the annual includes:
  • Editorial by John Jordan
  • The Colonial Sloops of the Bougainville Class by John Jordan
  • The Colonial Sloop Eritrea by Michele Cosentino
  • The Japanese Destroyers of the Asahio Class by Hans Lengerer
  • The Naval War in the Adriatic Part 2: 1917-1918 by Enrico Cernuschi and Vincent P O'Hara
  • Post-war AIO and Command Systems in the Royal Navy by Peter Marland
  • The Soviet Fugas class Minesweepers by Vladimir Yakubov and Richard Worth
  • Divide and Conquer? Divisional Tactics and the Battle of Jutland by Stephen McLaughlin
  • Modern Littoral Surface Combatants by Conrad Waters
  • The Chinese Flagship Hai Chi and the Revolution of 1911 by Richard Wright
  • The Battleship Courbet and Operation 'Substance' by Stephen Dent
  • The 'Flat Iron': The Coast Defence battleship Tempête by Philippe Caresse
  • Warship Notes
  • Naval Books of the Year
  • Warship Gallery
This year's annual is full of interesting articles, and I look forward to reading them over the next few days. My only gripe is the fact that they have not published the book with a dust jacket. Instead the illustrations are printed onto the book's cover rather than onto its dust jacket, and this has the effect of making the book look a bit 'cheap' ... which it certainly isn't!

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