Monday, 14 November 2016

Britannia's Amazon: The Dawlish Chronicles: April - August 1882

I've just finished reading the latest addition to Antoine Vanner's excellent DAWLISH CHRONICLES, BRITANNIA'S AMAZON (ISBN 978 1 943404 08 7).

Unlike the previous books in the series, Florence Dawlish – Royal Navy officer Nicholas Dawlish's wife – is the main character. The events covered in the story take place whilst Nicholas Dawlish is in command of HMS Leonidas during her cruise to the Far East (I reviewed that book last December ... and it was a thundering good read!) and it deals with certain very dark aspects of Victorian life. Be warned, this is no rip-roaring yarn about naval battles but it is an excellently told social detective story about child abuse and prostitution as well as the social and working conditions that many members of the working class had to live and deal with on a daily basis.

The book also contains a short story about Nicholas Dawlish's early life which explains why he joined the Royal Navy.

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