Sunday, 20 November 2016

Spanish Civil War: Day-by-Day: 20th November 1936

Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera (the leader of the Falange), who had been stranded in Republican Spain at the time of the Rising, was executed in Alicante.

A painting of Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera in Falange uniform.


  1. Bob
    Always thought it ironic that two iconic 'leaders' (Durrutti wouldn't thank me for calling him that) should die on the same day and significantly diminish the likelihood of their respective followings from prospering in the shadow either of Franco or of Stalin. It was already going downhill for the Falange and the Anarchists but these deaths hastened their domination.


  2. Rumblestrip (Andrew),

    I agree; Had either or both if them survived, the subsequent history of Spain would probably have been quite different.

    All the best,



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