Sunday, 13 November 2016

Vive l'Empereur! Some more French Light Infantry are added to my collection

The first figures I decided to tackle on my return to my painting table were four units of French Light Infantry.

By doing the renovation work as and when I felt like it, it ended up taking me not much longer to complete these units than it would have done using my previous method ... and I made fewer mistakes in the process.

The next batch of figures that I hope to tackle is some French Line Infantry, and hopefully they will take a week or so to complete.


  1. Replies
    1. Phil,

      Thanks very much. There will be more to follow.

      All the best,


  2. Good work! The loss of painting mojo was very temporary. Are these refurbishments or new additions?

    1. Jonathan Freitag,

      Thanks very much! The figures are refurbished additions; several of them had suffered damage to their paintwork before I bought them, and as a result I decided to do quite extensive renovation work on all of them.

      All the best,



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